Regular Straight Razors: Why Use Them?

Shaving is a huge part of every man's skin care and grooming regimen. For some, they believe that men who have faces free from mustache and beard are more gentle and handsome to look at. Similarly, job hunting is much easier for people who have shaven their faces because most employers think that they look more professional and presentable when they do not have facial hair. Regular straight razors also known as open razors and cut-throat razors have long been used for manual facial hair shaving. It became less popular as new and modern types of shavers have been introduced in the market. Nevertheless, their popularity came back when it was used on one of the James Bond films. The only thing that bothers some users and unconvinced individuals is that they should be regularly sharpened and cleaned. Thus, people still need to learn the proper way of honing (sharpening) and stropping (smoothening) their blades. Such is due to the fact that the blades are fixed and irreplaceable.


At the present time, shaving has become easier because there are already electronic razors that one can just simply drag along their facial hairs. However, many still recommend and prefer to use the traditional straight razors. As have been observed or noticed, straight razors produce results that smoother and better. The roughness or bumps from the removed hair are not usually seen and felt when users ran their hands on the area. Using these products can also reduce the users' expenses since they no longer have to buy replacement blades all the time. Likewise, since the blade is fixed, there is a reduction in the number of garbage being disposed of by the users. Imagine how much is reduced if all men use such. Also, these products can help people lower their stress levels. As you learn more about shaving, you will know that it requires the person to do the technique in a slow and careful manner. Thus, it feels like they are already meditating.

People who prefer or are convinced to use regular straight razors can choose from a wide-selection of quality brands. According to Shaving Smooth, the Velvet Forge Straight Razor considered as superior to the rest of the regular straight razors. It is made with stainless steel that is colored black to ensure that the product will not rust no matter how many times it is exposed to water and shaving cream. People who will be using it will also be amazed because their shaving time will be reduced when they use it. That is because the product has a four-inch blade, thus, more areas are shaved at one stroke. An affordable alternative is the Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor. The blade is made with Swedish stainless steel while the handle is made from a durable plastic. It is recommended for beginners because of the simplicity of its using it and caring for it. Other products worth buying include the Gold Dollar 208 Straight Razor and the Boker Straight Razor. People who do not want to do the sharpening technique but want to use regular straight razors need not worry. Such is because there are already straight razors with disposable blades namely the Utopia Care Straight Edge Barber Razor and the Parker SRX Heavy Duty Barber Razor.